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"Everyone he’s worked with has benefitted from his message."

Hoff is like a brother to me. He’s also been an amazing business partner. It’s been many years now that he has been a support to our goalies here at the GG Academy.

Everyone he’s worked with has benefitted from his message, particularly the emphasis he puts on intentional and prepared thinking. There is a team culture here at the Academy that Hoff has helped build. It’s about taking ownership of how you show up.

Chris Economou

Goalie Guru


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"Eric instilled an added layer of preparation in my approach to everything I do."

 As a Division 1 College Athlete, I felt I needed to advance the mental side of my game to get the most out of my abilities and to contribute at the highest level I was capable of. He has a unique approach in each and every conversation. 

He was not only a person that helped with enhancing my athletic performance, but also helped me with my day to day life to be the best version of myself.

It is no wonder businesses and NHL Hockey Clubs use Eric as a resource to enhance the continuity of their respective teams. Eric was at the root of my success as a college athlete and I still consistently use his methods today in my life. 

Eric instilled an added layer of preparation in my approach to everything I do. I truly believe that our conversations are of the utmost value and I am forever grateful for the positive impact he made during my athletic career and is currently making on my life.

Tommy Burke

Leveraged Finance Analyst

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Strong mind. Strong prep. Strong flow.

When I met Hoff, I struggled with speaking my truth, and had a tendency to run from chaos in my personal and professional life. I was only focused on the “end goal of what I thought success should look like on paper” which turned me into a “cold-brash and heads-down” type of professional and friend. I was disappointed with myself daily. 

Hoff inspired me to show up to each moment, bringing a confident and poised energy to every interaction. He taught me how to focus on playing the game rather than worrying about the scoreboard, which entails connecting on a deeper level with those around you to stay in tune with the flow of each person involved. 

I learned to mentally prepare by recognizing all the past “little wins” - Every little moment - each conversation, each call, each email - those lead to high quality outcomes. Then channeling that mental stability to listen to my intuition to take action, rather than running from what I was dreading could go wrong! 

Candace Sauve

Enterprise Customer Success at Salesforce, Quip

If you are looking for a coach that will partner with you and be a great resource for a real breakthrough and lasting changes, then Hoff is your man. Eric has an insatiable thirst for progress.

He has a way to influence and guide others to level up theirs skills that is heart centered and sincere. I am so grateful that I met Eric ten years ago.

His contagious zest for life combined with his innovative and intentional thought process have made a lasting impression on my personal and professional life.

Deena Sisson

VP, National Talent & Acquisitions

BBMC Mortgage


"The guy is a never ending source of self-leadership, know-how and a master of inner mind thought control."


Hoff is the kind of coach that inspires, motivates and lifts the souls of those he works with.  He takes the time to understand the person and then focuses on the good to bring the best out of those he works with. 

When I think of Hoff, I think of a positive force I can reach out to whenever I need it.  The guy is a never-ending source of self-leadership know-how and a master of inner-mind thought control… both of which are the foundation for any and all successful people.

Matt Mariani

Ultimate Software

Global Account Manager

Hoff has had a tremendous impact on my life. We met through hockey connections and he joined me on my journey from amateur hockey through juniors and into the NCAA ranks.

Everything we worked through together as an athlete is directly transferable and applicable to my life as an active duty military officer and a practicing attorney. 

Hoff sheds insight on certain fundamental truths about life that will help no matter what you do. Hoff is all about the process and the mindset and realizes that those two things are prerequisites to achieving a successful outcome

David Bosner
Area Defense Counsel at United States Air Force

Hoff provides a level of professionalism, experience, and enthusiasm that you won’t find anywhere.

His direct and honest approach to the process challenged our entire organization to think about their individual commitment, and the importance of their  role as agents of change. The experience provided our team a safe environment to question the culture, and to challenge the norms that had been established over many years.

We no longer hear “ that’s the way we have always done it”. Today our team questions the norms, and looks for ways to improve as an organization; without any hidden agendas. Additionally, our team has accepted the responsibility and accountability that you find in winning cultures. Our foundation is built around trust and professionalism;  a direct result of the work we do with Hoff.

Joseph H. Nook III



I have known Hoff for 6 years and his coaching and playbook for business and life has had a profound effect on me and my family! Thank you Coach!!!

No doubt you have always instilled a sense of persistence to succeed and have delivered with clarity a message that I can ultimately lead positive change through mental toughness and conceive , believe,and achieve success !!

Taking my game to the next level by getting in the gym and engaging in "The 5 Rules of the Zone!!!

Hoff your Playbook is a Game Changer and I am with such gratitude and appreciation you have shared it and empowered me to think strong!

Jeffrey Avella

Market Development Manager

Hoff continuously encourages me to look at my everyday coaching challenges with a new perspective. 

If you are looking for an exceptional resource and support person,  Hoff is your man. 

Dan Lambert

Spokane Chiefs 

WHL Head Coach

As an executive sales leader, creating a sense of focus and purpose is of critical importance.   I have had the pleasure to work with Coach Hoffberg in addressing my large sales organizations over the past 5 years.  Feedback from his ‘coaching sessions” has been consistent that his message is enduring as it helps create a language that galvanizes a productive culture, that is relevant to each individual to maintain a centered mindset to think strong.  

The impact from his engagements have been easily measured as his self-talk concepts have become embedded in our organizational language, and utilized when faced with business challenges.

Coach Hoffberg offers a leadership playbook that is applicable to any industry or individual within your organization.

Eric Gustafson

Southeast Regional Sales Director

Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

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As a former college athlete from the 80’s, I see that everything about athletic development has evolved over the years. The best training now includes the athlete’s mind. Eric Hoffberg’s training allows the athlete to embrace those critical moments that define success. 

Hoff = Prepared to be successful ,

There’s a quote that says, “90% of success is just showing up”. There may be an element of truth to it but HOW YOU SHOW UP matters most of all. Hoff provides the tools you need to show up and succeed.

This isn’t psycho-babble. This isn’t life coaching. This isn’t therapy. This is learning how to be your best. 

Whether in sports, business or life there are distractions that can prevent you from being your best. Hoff has a unique ability to bring clarity to your intentions and actions.

Dave Moore

Sales Manager