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High Performance Coach.

Master Team Culture Builder.

Mental Toughness Trainer.

Eric Hoffberg spent 16 years coaching hockey, college, then pro. Originally from Rochester NY, Hoffberg was the head coach at RIT all through the 90’s.

Today, Hoffberg works as both a Corporate Coach for leaders and executives across the country that are looking to build High Performance Cultures and as a Mental Toughness Trainer for athletes that are looking for a greater understanding of how to focus under pressure.


He is the author of two great books for training attitude and mindset, THINK STRONG for Athletes and THINK STRONG Reminders.

Eric has worked with athletes that have been Olympians, with professionals at the highest levels, with National Champions and with many that deserve star recognition just for the way they achieved their own personal dreams.

He has spent time in a Corporate Coaching role working on Leadership Training, Culture Building and High-Quality Mind Management with leaders and executives at Heartland Financial, Experian, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Unilever, Stryker, Paychex, Merck, Union Bank, Marriott Hotels, New Penn Financial, ADP, Canada Post, the F.D.A., and with Special and Elite Forces in both the military and in law enforcement, just to name a few.

This is something Eric has said about his commitment to coaching: I am coaching because I truly believe that while we don’t control that much in the life journey, what we do control really matters. I want to help people feel in command of their very best thinking. In any walk of life, if we care about doing great things with our opportunities then one thing is for sure; How We Think Matters.